Suzanne Simon is an Iyengar teacher, certified at the Junior Intermediate level.  She has take the three year course in the study of therapeutic yoga as given by BKS Iyengar.  She travels to Pune, India, on a regular basis to study directly with the Iyengar family. 

For many years, Suzanne suffered with the serious illness, Crohns disease.  After taking a few yoga classes, she realized that she felt better.  Since those initial classes, her continued practice led her to eliminate the symptoms of Crohns disease while free of any medication.  Suzanne became an instructor to share the incredible health that she found through a yoga practice. 

Suzanne teaches class for all levels.  Her knowledge base allows her to provide modifications to suit any ongoing physical injury or issue.  She uses Iyengar yoga to provide a challenging and rewarding experience, which over time leads her students to find balance in both body and mind.