A  native of Iowa, Kristin grew up far removed from the yoga scene. It was in college that she took her first class as part of her training regimen for her first marathon. It wasn't love at first sight, but she thought a "stretching" class would be good for her so she kept going on a weekly basis. A few years later and marathons aside, she was still making a point to go to yoga when she could for no other reason than it just felt good.

 Fast-forward to the corporate world in a high rise in New York City, yoga turned out to be the only thing that kept her sane through the long works hours.  She went to yoga to de-stress and recharge. It was the overflowing joyfulness of her teachers along with a glimpse of a teacher training flyer one day that convinced her to take her practice a step further and feed her curiosity about the history and philosophy of yoga. Upon day one of moving to California, she sat down in a studio and started her first hours of training.

Kristin (RYT500) is a graduate of Yoga Shakti’s 500hr Training Program. She has also trained with Annie Carpenter, studied the Yoga Sutras with Robert Brinberg of LMU, and is continuing her studies in Pranayama and Meditation. Her perspective on yoga has changed a lot since that very first class; now it’s a part of her life. She has full-circle experienced its benefits and whole-heartedly believes in its possibilities. As a teacher, Kristin absolutely loves sharing the subtleties of yoga, helping students of all ages and abilities grow in their own practice and uncover what yoga means to them, and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to teach. Her goals through teaching are to create a positive impact, cultivate a space where students can feel relaxed and safely challenged to redefine their “limits”, and inspire a curiosity that encourages students to keep learning and discovering themselves through yoga.