Ekam ('ay-kum') is Sanskrit for One. We believe in One. One is unity. One is community. One is what we are when we are on our mat moving to our breath. One is what we aspire to be with each other and with the world. Ekam was created as a space for you to connect with your truest self and your world through the practice of yoga.


Yoga is to yoke, a union, an ancient practice with awesome power. Our modern culture has tapped into the enormous benefits of yoga for physical fitness, mental clarity and emotional balance. The heart of the practice remains in discovering the magic of ‘your yoga’. Everyday our moods, ailments and intentions change, yet we learn how to listen to our bodies, breathe and practice.

“I’ve been exploring a yoga studio in my new neighborhood here in Newport Beach, Ekam Yoga. I’ve felt more drawn back to my mat and to practicing yoga than I have in a long time… like, YEARS. Quite honestly, I’ve sort of fallen in love with this studio itself. The vibe there has fed into that little voice inside me that was calling for a return to the mat, and helped me renew a love for yoga I’d semi forgotten about.” - Joelle

Ekam Yoga Offers:

  • Over 30 classes per week, in a variety of yoga styles, with some of the most gifted instructors in O.C.

  • 1400 square foot yoga room with high ceilings, wood floors, Iyengar wall, ambient lighting, and QSC audio system.

  • Plenty of parking (even at 6pm).

  • Welcome lounge features Wi-Fi, filtered water and knowledgeable front desk staff.

  • Amenities include showers, towel service, and mat rental.

  • Complimentary chilled eucalyptus towels post savasana.

  • We also offer mats for purchase along with yoga clothes, towels, accessories, books, candles and a fridge full of refreshing coconut water.